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StEP 1

Lesson plans & activity ideas

Get inspired and discover a range of lesson plans and activity ideas online and in classroom!

Each plan includes a song recommendation so you can use them to get a structured guidance.

‍Have your own structured plans? Skip this step and move on to the songs.

Best lesson plans to start with

Cheerful Start to Your Class

Students will learn to sing and clap along a popular song

View lesson plan

Basics of Music Notation

Students will learn about the staff, clef, measures, notes, and ledger lines through a popular song

View lesson plan

Pop Music History

Students will discover the history of pop music through some of its most iconic songs

View lesson plan

Rhythmic Dance Battle

Students will learn rhythm patterns and movement sequences through guided video tutorials

View lesson plan

6-Lesson Suite

Students will learn to sing, clap and play along Riptide by Vance Joy

View lesson suite

Help students unlock their passion for music also at home! 🛋

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StEP 2

Songs & player

The best part of Solfeg.io is our library of popular songs. It features songs that students love, we select them by looking at their interests and worldwide charts!

Free songs to get started with

Dirty Heads - Vacation

This TikTok hit has only four chords, so even beginners can play or sing along!

Open song

Vance Joy - Riptide

This song is a must-have in anyone's ukulele repertoire and fun in class

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Get 150+ songs

Subscribe to one of our paid plans to unclock 150+ songs

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StEP 3

Setting up your students

To get maximum engagement, students will need to use their own accounts. Learn how to invite students to your class, vote for songs, and benefit from student statistics

Voting for songs (coming soon)

We'll soon launch a new feature - with it, students will be able to vote for their favorite songs

StEP 4

Trying Solfeg.io

It's time to try out Solfeg.io in your class. So let’s get practical! Learn how to set up your projector and organize your first lesson

Have your lesson plan at hand
Will you be using instruments?
Check your projector or smartboard
Launch Solfeg.io using Chrome and check that you have a good connection
Make sure your speakers are working
Will there be homework?

Starting to use new technology is easier than it might seem! Discover case studies from other schools and how they are using Solfeg.io.

Read the case study

StEP 5

Assigning quizzes & seeing statistics

Wouldn't it be great if your students could do song-related homework?

With Solfeg.io they can. Learn how to assign quizzes and see your student's results.

StEP 6

Helping students beyond the classroom

Encourage students to discover music for themselves & inspire a life-long habit!

Why share Solfeg.io Self Learning with students?

Did you know that with Solfeg.io students can learn to play instruments on their own at home? An individual plan includes guided tutorials, weekly workouts, and more! Share an exclusive limited-time offer with families.

Invite students

Here's what your students will get

Engagement boost

Students that learn at home are more engaged in classroom

Meaningful habit

Playing an instrument sustains and feeds the brain and cognitive function

Positive emotions

Studies show that just 15 min of playing a day can boost your mood & unlock creativity

Mindful screen time

Encourage use of personal device for learning instead of playing games

Need more guidance?

Our friendly support will help you with any questions you may have. You can also check out our in-depth tutorials for each step.

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